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Symposium - Academy of Fine Art Vienna

The Public in Question : The Politics of Artistic Practices

4-5 May 2007

Today, the “public” is most certainly in question, and both public space and democratic processes seem to be increasingly under attack. The aim of this symposium is to explore the way in which aesthetic strategies have contested, and continue to contest the public realm. The first task is to critically assess the history of artistic engagement within public space, from the avant-garde tradition that projected art into life, to its conceptual manifestations and interventions, and the art of institutional critique. What worked and what didn’t, and why ? This leads to the second question asked by the symposium ; what use do these strategies have today ? Do they remain relevant, or do we need new tools ? To answer we must analyse our present conditions, particularly the contemporary art world, its institutions, and their wider economic and political relations to the media and the rest of the world. Where, the symposium will ask, is the “public” today, and should it be defended ?

Franco Berardi | Sabine Breitwieser | Sabeth Buchmann | Alice Creischer_ | Diedrich Diederichsen | Okwui Enwezor | Marcelo Expósito | Renée Green | Boris Groys | Marina Grzinic | Christian Höller | Brian Holmes | Vasif Kortun | Maria Lind | Dorit Margreiter | Chantal Mouffe | Christian Philipp Müller | Molly Nesbit | Marion von Osten | Marko Peljhan | Gerald Raunig | Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen | Andreas Spiegl | Françoise Vergès | Krzysztof Wodiczko | Stephen Zepke

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna



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